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Clydesdale’s Heritage
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This is an area rich in history. The Society has been involved in excavations on several Prehistoric, Roman and Mediaeval sites throughout the area. The towns in the area, Lanark and Biggar, are both long established market towns which trace their histories to the Middle Age.

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The Lanark and District Archeological Society was first founded in 1974 to benefit all of the Clydesdale area.

It plays an active part in covering the rich heritage of Clydesdale since our foundation. We have links to other archeological societies including those of The Biggar Archaeological Group under the leadership of Tam Ward who has done more than any other to reveal our rich past. The other group is the Clydesdale Mills Society with whom we also have close contacts. We have links to both sites and are delighted to share their work with you including the Statutory bodies such as the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland and the National Library of Scotland .

You can still visit our old website here .

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Lanark and District Archaeological Society (LADAS) is a very active amateur society operating in the Clydesdale area of Scotland.

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